Wednesday, June 1, 2011

An Update 6/1/11

Again, I apologize for being so inactive on this blog, I just have to get in the groove of posting about scientific things as well as the gaming ones I'm used to over at PK Gaming.

I have been quite busy lately though. I just started my summer semester, and I'm taking two biology courses, both with labs. The first is Microbiology, which has been a blast so far. The labs are hard work, and can sometimes be frustrating, but the payoff is nice. I work with the microscopes much more often in that class and it's giving me experience on how to prep slides and such. I was actually able to see living bacteria for the first time, so that was exciting. I may bring in some samples from the lake I live at to see if I can find any protozoa.

Perhaps I could try gathering some moss to find a Tardigrade, commonly called water bears or moss piglets. A water bear is a small animal that lives in moss just about everywhere and can survive very extreme conditions, as seen in the video below.

Sigh... I miss 'The Most Extreme' on Animal Planet. They rarely show it now, or at least it's never on when I watch it.

The other biology I'm taking is Environmental Biology, though I'm taking this course online. One of the labs we are assigned involves studying a biome. I'll be choosing the open ocean biome, which I already know quite a lot about, so it should be a fun project.

Another thing I'm planning besides schoolwork is making more videos on youtube, I'm starting with a fresh account, but hope to lure people over from my other account I once had. It will be a vlog of sorts... and I hope to teach people a bit by reviewing some of the informative books I have about marine biology, paleontology and whatnot.

One last thing before I close this update... I'm working on something much bigger than the youtube channel, and that's a book. I plan on continuing a story that I started back in high school. It was about my experiences with animals (mostly cetaceans) in California and elsewhere. I stopped writing the story around 2006, but I've had much more experiences since then, so it shouldn't be too hard to reminisce and write about them.

That's it for now! Hopefully I'll do well in the two classes I have this summer.

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