Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Creature Profile: Glaucus atlanticus

I feel like I've been ignoring this blog to much, so like with my other blog, I'm going to start doing weekly articles. This article series will be about organism profiles, though it will consist of mostly animals, I may delve into other kingdoms every so often.

The first creature I decided to profile is:

Glaucus atlanticus
Common Name: Sea Swallow, Blue Ocean Slug, Blue Dragon
Size: 2-3 mm (Juvenile) 20-30 mm (Adult)
Location: Supposedly Tropical Waters Worldwide
Habitat: Pelagic

This nudibranch has enticed me with its beautiful blue colors and it's large appendages relative to it's body size which makes it look some kind of tiny whale. It feeds on other pelagic organisms like the Porteguese Man-O-War, and converts the venom it ingests into it's own.

I don't have much else to say about it, other than it's just really cool-looking. Don't you think?

That's pretty much how the creature profiles will go. I'll tell you the scientific name, the common name, size, location and habitat, and then I'll say a few words about it, such as something about it's behavior or diet, or maybe just what I think of it's physical appearance.

I'll try keep up with this and post many more creatures in the following weeks. I hope you enjoy them!