Monday, May 2, 2011

Carolina Reptile & Exotic Pet Expo

I had a pretty good weekend overall, and yesterday, I went to the Carolina Reptile & Exotic Pet Expo held in Raleigh by Gila Productions. I went with my friend and we had a great time. I've been to the expo many times before, but it's always fun to look around at the different animals, and be able to interact and touch some of them.

I want to share a few photos with you of my visit there yesterday:

Some tiny baby Chameleons, I think they're Veiled Chameleons, though I'm not sure.
A Rhino Iguana, apparently they are a bit more intelligent than most lizards.

A poison dart frog, very beautifully colored.
An Argentine Tegu, I'd really like to get one someday.
A Jackson's Chameleon, I can't be the only one who immediately thinks of The Magic School-bus, can I?
A blue and gold macaw with a mustached parakeet in the background, to my surprise, the parakeet seemed to have more cognitive skills in the bird show they had.
Well, that's the gist of what I saw, there were some other things like tarantulas, centipedes, scorpions, an alligator, a snapping turtle... a pretty big variety of animals. I was chosen as a volunteer in the audience for the reptile show they had. I handled the front end of a Burmese Python named 'Cleopatra.' She kept wanting to get out of my right hand to explore, so I let her, because she was moving backwards through my hand and I didn't want to damage her scales any. I did have a video that my friend took of that, but I've been having computer troubles lately, and I'm trying to learn some new programs using my new netbook. I had no idea what I did, but I was trying to compress the video and I somehow had it overwrite the video, and now it won't open or play.

Anyway, like I said, the expo was pretty great. I hope that I can buy something there eventually.