Monday, January 31, 2011

A preview of what's to come

To hold you over, here's a picture of me with Buster, a short-beaked common dolphin.

I'm not sure how much traffic I will be getting to this blog, since I have it linked in many different places and I try to inform people when I make new post. Hopefully, they will be curious enough to see what this blog is about. I thought I would whip up a small preview of what I have planned for the next several posts and list the topics that will be discussed. So... here is a list to preview what's to come for this blog in the near future.

  • DRU - Dolphin Robotic Unit
    • A robotic dolphin and it's implications for research
  • Public Aquariums
    • The importance of public aquariums and how they impact people
  • Education of conservation through video games
    • A brief overview of a video game series called 'Endless Ocean' and how it can help people's awareness of marine conservation
  • Documentary mini-series about cetaceans
    • A dream documentary that would be a scale of something like 'Blue Planet' or 'Life' 
  • Web series about aquariums
    • A planned, mapped out series I hope to start in 2012 about the aquariums in America
  • Evolution of Cetaceans
    • A general overview of the history of cetacean evolution and my opinions on recent findings
  • Marine Life Art
    • This may be a weekly series of photos, drawings, and paintings that I find to share with you, some of which may be my own
  • More Closer Encounters
    • Like this article, there will be more, of both other people's experiences and my own.

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